Sunday, April 20, 2008

FUN WITH PROMO ART: Day of the Dead 2008

The DAY OF THE DEAD remake has been released to DVD, bypassing U.S. theatres altogether. And what pray tell is the image being used to sell the general public on this hot new film? Why only one of the ugliest and most bafflingly wrong-headed pieces of DVD cover art I've ever seen.

CHUNDER OF THE DEAD is more like it. We don't know why the zombie on the cover is projectile vomiting or why said vomit seems to defy the laws of physics. But one suspects that if you're going to swallow eyeballs, ears and ring fingers without even cooking them first, you're going to be a little sick to your stomach. Backer cards in many DVD rental shops feature a holographic image that makes this look as if its moving. Honestly, what were they thinking?

As horrible as this looks and as much as it stings to be yet another remake wholly unrelated to the original, the fact is the film itself isn't bad. More on that later.

In the meantime, it appears someone needs some napkins and Pepto Bismol.

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