Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hammer Films is responsible for some of the finest examples of gothic horror in the history of cinema. Their newest film... is not gothic horror. However, the fact that they have a newest film is reason for interest. This is the first film Hammer has done in forty years. The title and theme don't give me goosebumps of joy. It's called BEYOND THE RAVE and is about, you guessed it, vampires at a rave. Huh. The trailer does not look anything like the old Hammer films, so it might be best if we put the glory days of Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Terence Fisher out of our minds. I cannot deny that the film does not look fun however, and that I was not expecting. Take a peek:

Did you see it? Yes, the new Hammer film is being released via MySpace. In fact, the first three episodes seem to already be up. Me, I'm just going to wait for the whole thing to be releaeed on a DVD or something. I don't like my horror in bite-size chunks. I have seen the first ep and things could go either way. The production does look more impoverished than expected and the editing seems to be tailored straight for the ADD crowd. It's quite obvious that this isn't our father's Hammer, but we'll see if the film can stand on its own.

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